Our modellers and engineers support your designers at every stage of design development. With insights, flexibility, years of experience, and cutting edge technologies at hand.


Complex services in digital modelling & prototyping


Get full support of experienced 3D modellers and designers

We partner designers in every moment from the very first sketches through 3D model precision to visualizations and animations. With full understanding to particular needs and specifics of industrial design.

Contact us if you need CAS modelling, Visualizations (image + animation), Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, CAD construction

physical modelling & prototyping

Dare to demand speed. We manage to manufacture models by the next day

Thanks to the combination of cutting edge machinery and skillful team, we offer unique speed and flexibility in physical model production. We combine technologies in order to be efficient while delivering the best quality.

Contact us if you need Clay models, Hard models, Display models, Design samples, Mockups

innovative approaches

Involve virtual reality to speed up and simplify digital modelling and visualizations

We are looking for new approaches and opportunities provided by latest virtual and augmented reality developments.

Using softwares such as Gravity Sketch or gaming engine Unreal Engine moves digital modelling to an amazingly higher level, allowing to bridge the gap between designers and modellers, speed up the path from the idea to the prototype, and reduce the cost of creating visualizations.


We are attuned for your needs

Wide Range of Services

We can participate at a particular stage of design development or provide full support from the sketch to the physical model.


Already implementing what seems to be the future of designing and modeling. Get inspired.


We understand the industry needs. Your deadline is our deadline.


With hundreds of successful projects, we know the designers’ unspoken wishes.


Take advantage of the most advanced technologies

A combination of first-class modern technologies makes production faster and more efficient.

5 axis large format CNC centre

Our top model of Wenzel DT-Mill with speed up to 40 m/min allows milling up to 24 meters in X-axis.

Additive Manufacturing

The Farsoon HT403P printer delivers high accuracy models with excellent strenght material conditions.

7-axis robotic milling centre

High accurancy robot based on linear unit capable of full 5-axis milling. Working space 8x3x3 meters.

3D scanning and measuring

Our Leica laser tracker and 3D scanner guarantees absolute accuracy in the range of micrometers.

Painting & Finishing

Painting and high quality surface treatment of any materials including clay models.

Svott clay model Svott clay model Svott clay model


Let’s Make Something Cool Together

Since 2007 we seek for excellence in digital modelling and prototype production, constantly looking for innovations that improve the collaboration between designers and modellers.

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